Recipe // Fourth of July Dessert

This Fourth of July dessert is so easy to make, oh-so-delicious, and not to mention gorgeous! For me, it's the perfect ratio of chocolate and my favorite types of fruit. All you need are strawberries, blueberries, and white chocolate chips. Slice the strawberries to your liking and then add as many chocolate chips and blueberries on top as you want! It took me all of 15 minutes to make; it would be the perfect addition to your friend's barbecue you're invited to this weekend :-)

The best part about writing this post? Getting to eat the dessert after... who says I need a real lunch? ;-) I hope you're having a lovely Fourth of July weekend! I'll just be relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing, which is exactly what I needed <3

Style // My New Favorite Dress

I found this adorable dress at Ross a few weeks back for under $20. and I seriously wish I had ten more of this style! The length and the high neckline make it a perfect dress for chasing around my little one while still looking put together with little effort (in mom words=this dress is EVERYTHING). 

But the most obvious reason everyone needs this dress in their lives is because its flowy and forgiving and you can eat all the donuts you want in it ;) 

Outfit details// Dress: Ross | Purse: Coach (Hand-me-down from my sweet Aunt Cathy) | Shoes: Reflection (similar here)

DIY // What I Love About You Notebooks

Michael and I are always trying to find new and fun ways to make each other feel loved. Back when we were dating (like, in 2010 ha!) we had an idea to create a notebook that we could fill with all the things we love about each other. We would each take turns with the notebook and return it to the other after each entry. We finished our first notebook a while back and I missed it so much that I recently decided to make another one for us. A "married edition" for this new phase of life we are in. 

Now, this is by no means a fancy, "pinteresty" DIY... but these notebooks have become so special to us! All you really need is a notebook and you can personalize it however you like. We obviously kept this super simple and cheap, using school notebooks that cost less than a dollar and using packaging tape to "laminate" the cover. I sort of love how they aren't super done up and over-crafty (if thats a thing?). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest, and people are so amazing with the things they create and share. But I hate the pressure that Pinterest puts on everything these days to be perfectly picturesque and crazy detailed. Sometimes things in life are just simple, and thats okay. 

 Whether we take fifteen minutes or two minutes on an entry... its an easy way for us to make each other feel loved. It's also really special to read back through and remember the things we wrote. I really have grown so attached to our little notebooks! 

What are some ways you and your significant other make each other feel special and loved? I would love to hear them! :)